GV TRADE d.o.o. is a small company which primary work is transporting goods in street traffic. We are specialized on the region of Scandinavia and we are a transport company that works with organizing logistic procedures, adjusting transports and other similar services. While organizing transport we choose the most appropriate way, type and method of transporting, regarding logistic quality factors (safety, promptness, reliability).

Our information assistance allows accurate and dependable information for clients anywhere and anytime.

The business world expects quality, punctuality and reliability, of which we are well aware. We strive that our services are done professionally, quickly and to the best of advantage, because this way we can successfully satisfy all customer needs.

The company’s goal is to optimize on the field of logistic, warehouse and office space, to assure and strive for quality, satisfied customers and providers, environmental protection and above all satisfaction and personal growth of every employee.